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Our recent  launch coverage on UK national TV, and in the newspapers, has created a flurry of interest. The Neuron book sold out and we briefly entered the Amazon Bestseller chart.


The world is waking up to Smart Wellness and we'd love to bring it into your life and business too.

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We'll show you why decades of diet and fitness trends failed to produce healthy nations

We'll also show you how to use Smart Wellness

to transform your life forever

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Our Coaching Program is unique

This is what our clients and participants are saying...


"This wellness program is a unique combination of cool science insights, the latest tech and pop culture. That's why it's been so popular with our employees" 

"This is the most successful wellness program we've offered"

"We love it!"

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Our Smart Nutrition service is the first to use your personal gut bacteria results to deliver the exact fruits and veg you need to your door

We use the latest simple biological tests (done by you at home) to show you exactly how fast you're ageing and precisely which foods to eat and drink for maximum wellness results.


Stop guessing about your health and start using real measurements to stay well and live a healthier, longer life.


We also use the test results to set up a personalised weekly grocery delivery to make it super easy for you to stay well.

We're bringing you the future of health, today

No diets, gyms or exercise classes are required

Learn how to shortcut your way to wellness by boosting your biology

These are the Smart Wellness practices that the world's leading scientists are using to stay well and extend their own healthy life expectancy

You can do these simple things too

Our unique Neuron Smart Wellness coaching program launched in March 2021 and is already delivering the WOW effect

We encourage you to ponder over this question....Why do you think decades of diet and fitness trends, pharmaceutical medicines, and billions of dollars of associated promotional campaigns completely failed to produce healthy nations?


We'll show you why this happened.

Our Smart Wellness course shows you how to achieve better health, faster and easier. For life.

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We're each handed the incredible human brain at birth, but not taught how it works and how to control it.

This is like giving us a Formula 1 car without instruction.

It's dangerous and likely to end in a crash.

We'll show you how to get out of the passenger seat and into the driving seat. In control of your wellness decisions and habits. Using basic science, easily available biological tests, simple habits and the latest tech.

In our recent poll of 250 employees, more than 80% said they do not feel in control of their health

Do you feel in control of yours?



Sign up to our unique


8-week coaching program

We make Smart Wellness


Our 8-week program of live webinars and on-demand video lessons is suitable for anyone who wants to improve their wellness and enjoy a long, happy and healthy life.  Do you want that? We do!

We'll teach you the mindblowing science in a simple, fun way. You'll learn how to use simple brain hacks and biohacks such as music, breathing, visualisation, slow motion strength practices, blue light blocker glasses, dimmer switches and eating techniques to supercharge and future-proof your health.

We'll also reveal the latest cool tech gadgets that can help you keep your in-built ancient biological brain and body circuits on track. 


You'll learn a lot!

Some example topics that we make easy to understand

What is Biohacking?

Alcohol & Your Brain

Why Your Microbiome is Your Future

Our Hunter-Gatherer Brain

Why Music is a Superpower Brain-Hack

How To Reverse The Ageing Process

Are You Addicted?

The Science of Sleep

How To Live Healthily to 100

Fix & Future-proof Your Waistline

How To Keep Stress Under Control

How to Hack Your Habits

How To Exercise More Efficiently

Achieve More By Doing Less

How To Improve Your Memory

Coffee & Your Brain

How to Help Your Child's Brain

The Science of Happiness


Our Smart Wellness coaching program is based on the book by Dr Julia Jones

aka Dr Rock


April 2021

Invest in yourself and take the first step in your new, smarter, healthier journey through life

We're committed to delivering the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goal 3, ensuring healthy lives and promoting wellbeing for all at all ages. Our work aims to ensure that everyone has access to the latest scientific insights regarding the most efficient and cost effective routes to lifelong good health. We will help people embed brain-first approaches that are more likely to yield improved health habits.

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