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Be the best version of you without the slog.

Ditch the routines that are weighing you down and simply replace with proven smart wellness habits that will transform your mind and body

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About Neuron Wellness

Our company evolved from the work of founder, Dr Julia Jones. As a neuroscientist and sport and exercise scientist, she's spent 30 years examining how to help her clients achieve the greatest results with the minimum of effort. Her clients include business leaders, sports stars, celebrities and the NHS. She was first shown biohacking techniques in the early 1990s while visiting a US Naval Base. One of her favourite smart wellness biohacks is music. She uses music extensively with her clients, showing them how to use it to quickly and efficiently boost wellness and performance. This work, along with her musician status, has led to her gaining the nickname, "Dr Rock", over the years.

Neuron Wellness is a health tech startup dedicated to challenging, disrupting and reshaping the outdated diet, fitness and pharma models of good health. We are helping people live healthier, longer lives by adopting the latest proven science, smart wellness habits and technology. Our approach is specifically designed to help target the known risk factors driving chronic cardio-metabolic illnesses and neurodegenerative diseases.

Our e-learning and biotech products enable people to rapidly gain knowledge and data that can quickly, efficiently and affordably help them avoid illness, and keep their ancient evolutionary biology on track. We target the risk factors known to be driving the chronic inflammation at the heart of most modern illnesses. Our customers will never need a gym workout or diet again once they've understood how and why to adopt a smart wellness lifestyle. We pay particular attention to gut health as this is now recognised as a crucial foundation for a healthier, longer life.

The advances in smart wellness science and technology clearly show why previous diet and fitness based recommendations failed to produce healthy nations, and most importantly, why they will never succeed.

The real route to wellness lies in simply understanding our evolutionary biology and recognising the tiny, seemingly inconsequential, habits in our daily routines that are slowly and silently killing us. Our growing team have expertise in a broad range of related specialisms across neuroscience, mental health, tech, nutrition, grocery retail, biotech and music.


Our Aim

Neuron Wellness is committed to:

  • busting the long established diet and fitness based health myths that are still being recommended today (despite 5 decades of these heavily promoted approaches, physical and mental health problems continue to soar because the traditional advice is flawed and out of date) 

  • challenging and disrupting the outdated diet, fitness and healthcare models

  • empowering people with accurate and up-to-date knowledge about effective routes to wellness (no fitness membership or diet required)

  • creating and delivering easy-to-understand learning content that gives people the updated facts regarding how to stay well and avoid illness​

  • partnering with other leading companies to deliver tech and biotech assisted products that help customers put their smart wellness knowledge into action to stay well

  • helping people get in control of their brain so they form and maintain healthy habits that reduce their risk of illness, chronic inflammation and disease

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More Info

To view Julia's full biography visit her personal website

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Julia's work is regularly featured in the media

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Our Smart Wellness Centre / Biohacking Barn

We film our content, broadcast our live webinars, test smart wellness technology and host live experiences at our HQ in a 100-year old barn in the English countryside.

It's just a short train ride and taxi transfer from London St Pancras.

For details about our smart wellness retreats, live experiences and away days at our HQ please get in touch.