Our Aim

To disrupt and update the health, fitness and wellness sector, using the latest science combined with education, tech and a proven habit based approach


To ensure that everyone is given accurate information regarding the most efficient and effective wellness techniques and tools

Here's why we need to disrupt and update the wellness sector

As humans we're constantly learning from our experiences. Experience has shown that the things we thought were going to solve our health problems (medicines, diets and exercise regimes) have not done so. Despite decades of diet and fitness trends, and their billion dollar advertising spends, these approaches failed to produce health nations. There are scientifically proven reasons for that.

The medical profession was built to fix acute health problems. It's exceptionally good at keeping us alive, but we now realise that in doing so it also gives us decades of chronic health problems that require additional medicating. It's a negative spiral effect.

Adults in developed countries are now diagnosed with their first chronic illness aged 50s on average (late 40s in deprived communities). This kickstarts decades of poor health with daily medication.

So, we're living longer, but in poor health.

In addition, our ancient brain circuits and biological systems are largely confused by the modern world we've invented. We've spent 99.99999% of our evolutionary history in natural environments, not the modern environments we've built. Our ancient biology also donesn't find diets, exercise regimes and medications natural. Most importantly, we know it's going to take a VERY long time for our ancient systems to adjust. So, if we want to be well we have to understand how our biology works, what we're doing in our daily lives that messes it up, and how to insert better habits, tricks, techniques and hacks to offset the problems.

Diets, exercise regimes, and medicines are not the route to good health. If they were going to succeed they would have done so by now.


Many of the recommendations that have become common over the past decades are now known to be a highly inefficient route to wellness. In some cases the well intended advice actually results in unintended negative health consequences.

The answer has become clear. The route to good health is through understanding our ancient brain and biology, and letting (and helping) those natural systems get on with their job without interference.


This practice has been used for many thousands of years but became drowned out by diet and exercise based approaches.

The good news is that in recent years science and technology has rapidly advanced. A range of new companies are using our evolutionary biology and tech to open up new, more efficient ways of staying well throughout life and avoiding illness. Our Neuron Smart Wellness offer brings those innovations under one umbrella, helping you to easily understand, access and benefit from them.

About Us

We're an ambitious team who realise that moonshot thinking is required to disrupt the health, fitness and wellness sector and produce a healthier global population. We're intently focused on achieving that and welcome other moonshot thinkers who would like to join us. Just in the past few months since 2020 we've met so many dynamic thinkers in this space. Exciting times and a new era of wellness is finally dawning. Driven largely by wake-up call of Covid-19.


The health approach we use at Neuron is based on the wellness concepts outlined in "The Health Trilogy" books, 'Neuron: Smart Wellness Made Easy' and 'The Music Diet', by neuroscientist, Dr Julia Jones (aka Dr Rock). The final volume titled 'Auto-Tune' will be published in 2022.


Our approach uses the latest scientific insights, cutting edge technology and proven brain training tools, especially music/sound, to boost your wellness efficiently and affordably. Our aim is to encourage a new approach to wellness that results in greater improvements in health for all. The key to good health lies in our brain and ancient in-built biological systems. The human brain is the most sophisticated, complex structure in the known universe. Incredibly, we're each handed one of these hugely powerful engines and supercomputers at birth, but never really shown how to operate it, understand it, maximise and look after it. This is like being given a Formula 1 racing car with no instruction. It's dangerous and can lead to catastrophic results. This lack of awareness about our brain leads to chronic health issues, unhealthy decisions regarding lifestyle, and the development of deeply embedded poor habits. Our brain actually has incredible, in-built systems that are designed to keep us safe and well. However, these ancient circuits do not understand our modern world. We need to help them.

A neuron, or nerve cell, is the fundamental unit of our brain and nervous system. We have billion of these cells and they are connected with each other in trillions of ways. They communicate through electrical and chemical responses. We experience life by our neurons talking with each other. They judge what's going on around us by processing information received via our senses, help us make decisions, form memories, initiate actions, emotions and movements. Their job is to keep us alive. Sometimes our neurons get confused by our modern world. This can lead to stress and poor decisions that damage our health. In addition, we now live in a world where businesses use our in-built brain systems to make us want their products. We need to have an awareness of our biology to maintain control over our decisions.


Our neurons gradually decline throughout adulthood if we don't act to combat this process, and poor lifestyle can actually speed up the death of these cells. You won't even know this damage is happening until the symptoms visibly become evident decades later, when the brain and body can no longer hide it. However, the GOOD NEWS is, through certain activities we can slow this process by strengthening connections between neurons and even creating some new neurons in certain areas of our brain. Our smart wellness approach helps you understand how to look after your brain, maximise its potential, and get in control to build healthy habits. Look after your neurons and they will look after you.


Neuron Smart Wellness founder, Dr Julia Jones, gained the nickname "Dr Rock" because of her use of music and sound as a preferred brain tool, to improve the health of her clients. She has spent a lifetime studying and applying neuroscience, cognitive psychology, behavioural science and biohacks (such as music). Neuron Smart Wellness is grounded in this science. She continues to advise elite sports professionals, business leaders and government bodies today.  Julia's full biography is at the link below.

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Neuron HQ

We film and broadcast our sessions from this fabulous 100 year old, wool growers' barn in the countryside. It also houses our biohacking lab where we use, test and demo the latest smart wellness technology and techniques.


We're surrounded by natural landscapes in the Garden of England, but just 37-mins by high speed train from London Kings Cross / St Pancras International station (plus a 12-min taxi transfer).