Here's what our customers including Apple, SAP, Reply Group and Wickes are saying about our unique and cutting-edge approach to wellness...

"I've never seen anything like this"

"This is ridiculously fascinating"

"I absolutely love this"

"We've never had this level of participants for wellness events before"

"This sold out faster than Glastonbury!"

"I can't wait until next week!"

"Thank you!"

"This is simply superb"

"Over 90% of participants said it greatly improved their mental health"

Smart Wellness


for employers


Our unique and cutting-edge 8-week program

that will change your approach to health forever

Covid-19 drove dramatic change and disrupted the outdated ideas and practices regarding work life

This Smart Wellness course will also help you update your ideas regarding wellness so you can turbocharge and futureproof the health of your employees

There is a reason that decades of diet and fitness based trends, and their billions of dollars of advertising spend, FAILED to produce healthy nations. Our course shows you why, and presents the science and tech based Smart Wellness approach that'll transform your approach to health forever.

From £15K + VAT for up to 1,000 of your employees

(per 8-week program cycle)


Contact us and we'll send you the demo and a quote.

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We make it easy for you to bring the future of wellness into your physical workplace too

Smart Wellness Installation

for employers

Even before Covid sent everyone home you'd probably already noticed that the lovely gym and restaurant you built in your office hasn't delivered widespread wellness across your workforce. See our home page for an overview of the reasons why. We're giving you the opportunity to easily bring your workplace (and workforce) into the future with our Smart Wellness Installation. We provide everything you need to set up a Smart Wellness Immersive Experience zone in your workplace. This enables employees to drop in and recharge in just a short 15-min break anytime during the day. No exercise clothes or showers are required! The Smart Wellness approach is about benefiting from proven, time-efficient ways of boosting wellness. Only a small space is required in your office.

Simply pick which items you'd like included from the list below:

  • Noise cancelling headphones and our supercool  Apple iPod Touch "Smart Wellness Devices", branded with your company name, and fully loaded with our recommended wellness apps for maximum benefits and efficiency (see photo in 1-2-1 Coaching section below)

  • Hammocks (in frames)

  • Musical instrument self tuition accelerators (proven to be highly effective in maintaining brain health)

  • Neurofeedback devices including Apollo, Sensate, Muse2, Heart Rate Variability sensors, and ECG watches (highly effective ways to train your nervous system to relax)

  • The Car.O.L. artificial intelligence bike (enjoy the benefits of a 45-min run in just 2 x 20-second sprints of cycling. No sweating and no exercise gears or showers required)

  • PLUS an online video based Smart Wellness course showing your employees how to gain maximum health benefits from using this new Smart Wellness Immersive Experience zone in the workplace

  • We can also provide Oura rings, microbiome tests, biological age tests, rental of the BroomX VR projector, Wavepaths deep listening experiences and background soundscapes, and personal Smart Wellness Coaching for your employees.

From £5K + VAT depending on the items selected

You can also book an Immersive Experience at our HQ if you want to test out these devices in person.

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Limited Edition

Smart Wellness

Immersive Experiences

@ our Neuron HQ

Spend a few hours with Neuron founder and Smart Wellness expert, Dr Julia Jones, aka Dr Rock, at our Immersive Wellness HQ. Just a 37-min train ride and a 12-min taxi into the countryside from London St Pancras.

We'll show you why this science based Smart Wellness approach has the ability to succeed in transforming your health and that of your friends, families and employees.

You'll be invited to play with all our Smart Wellness tech gadgets, including the musical ones as they provide extra special brain benefits.

We guarantee that your approach to your health will be changed forever after visiting our Immersive Experience

£1,000 + VAT

We only offer a handful of slots each month.

By appointment only.

Investing in your wellness is without doubt the best way you can spend your money

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We'll personalise your

Apple iPod Touch

Smart Wellness Device

with your name engraved on it

Screenshot 2021-03-25 at 12.29.04.png

We'll personalise your

Smart Wellness Journal

with your name engraved on it

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Get smarter about your wellbeing and give yourself the gift of lifelong good health

Personal Coaching


Dr Julia Jones

For those who are keen to seriously invest in their health, transform their wellness and live a healthier, longer life this is your opportunity to rapidly accelerate progress.

These coaching packages are designed to deliver the following:

  • Equip you with the knowledge you need to understand how your basic biology works

  • Show you how to use this knowledge to embed habits into your daily routine to keep your biology working optimally. This is absolutely the route to a healthier, longer life

  • Provide you with a range of recommended wellness apps and tech devices to help you monitor and maintain those biological systems and achieve results rapidly

The Rapid Implementation Program: £997

This accelerator course features:

  • A collection of online videos walking you through Julia's Smart Wellness approach

  • Personalised Smart Wellness Journal

  • Plus an online Zoom consultation with Julia and one of our Smart Wellness coaches.

Designed to get you started quickly and help you stay focused on your health goals.

The 8-week Smart Wellness 1-2-1 Program: £4,997


  • Weekly sessions with Julia at Harley Street, or our South East England HQ, or on Zoom if you live in other regions

  • Our supercool Apple iPod Touch Smart Wellness Device fully loaded with everything you need to turbocharge your progress and personalised with your name on it 

  • A collection of additional videos pre-recorded by Julia

  • Daily check ins and chat on What's App to monitor progress and challenges

  • Gut microbiome test so you know exactly which foods are your superfoods (we're all different)

  • Biological age test (yes we can tell you if you're ageing too fast and help you slow down the process so you are younger for longer)

  • An Oura ring to monitor your sleep, temperature, stress, heart rate, activity so we can get really smart about your wellness progress

  • A beautiful Smart Wellness Journal with your name engraved on in

£4,997 for the 8-week intensive program

Your partner can also join these sessions for free

Discounted rates available for small executive groups

Book a call to find out if these programs are a good fit for you right now and if you're ready to fully commit

If you think these are out of your price range why not simply start by reading Julia's book, 'Neuron: Smart Wellness Made Easy' @ £12.99 + P&P (available from April 2021)


Smart Food Box

Take the guess work out of your nutritional choices!


If you live within our South East catchment area we can make your life a lot easier by testing your gut microbiome and sending you a weekly box filled with all the things you need to keep your gut, body and brain in good working condition.

We hope to also make this service available in other regions once we've found lovely local partners

Live Concert

Smart Wellness


Those of you who are already enjoying our Smart Wellness program will know that our sessions are more like a party than a typical webinar. Music is heavily embedded in our program because the ears lead to the brain. They are a superhighway, enabling music to be capable of quickly producing proven wellness effects.

So, it won't surprise you to hear that we're planning a series of live events with great partners. We're going to teach you the science of Smart Wellness through live music and interactive experiments on stage!

We expect to launch these via live streaming and at some superb live music venues and festivals from summer 2021.

Hosted by Dr Julia Jones and featuring special guests from the music world and science and tech sectors.


Help us






Let's transform the health of everyone

We believe that everyone needs to be aware of this updated knowledge regarding wellness, so they can easily look after themselves and others.

We've already got people from around the globe enjoying our program and reading our book, but there are billions of people living on this planet that we need to share this knowledge with. It's a mega task!

Do you have a burning desire to help fix the world's health problems?

Why not work with us to help spread this Smart Wellness knowledge.

Help us reach your workforce, your fans, your customers, your audiences, your students, your networks.

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Smart Wellness Retreat

Ibiza 2022

Everyone who's bought the 'Neuron: Smart Wellness Made Easy' book, or our programs, will automatically receive the first opportunity to book a place on our retreat. We are literally counting down the days to this. Can't wait.