The Smart Wellness Challenge

Learn how to shortcut your way to wellness quickly and easily

Based on the work of
Dr Julia Jones, aka Dr Rock 

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Smart Wellness Challenge


£247 (approx $337*)

or pay in 3 x monthly £79 instalments

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Based on the book

8-Weeks of Fascinating Facts & Wellness Hacks

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The Smart Wellness Challenge:

Learn some new Smart wellness tips, hacks and habits each week by watching the videos and absorbing the book chapters

Start practicing the new habits and hacks in your daily routines each week
New content is unlocked each week throughout the 8-week Smart Wellness Challenge and features:
  • An invite to Dr Julia Jones' weekly live Q&A webinar on zoom
  • An explanation of why 5 decades of diet and fitness failed to produce healthy nations AND why the Smart Wellness approach is more likely to help you avoid the chronic illnesses that are driven by our modern world 
  • A printable 'Smart Wellness habit tracker' to stick on your fridge
  • 35 bite sized videos explaining simple habits and hacks to try out in your daily routine
  • 8 webinars explaining the basic science behind the habits and hacks that make them so effective
  • An e-copy of the 'Neuron; Smart Wellness Made Easy' book
  • The audiobook version of 'Neuron; Smart Wellness Made Easy' book
  • Support via our online team to answer your questions
  • Access to our private Facebook Group community forum


What is The Smart Wellness Challenge?


  • It's an online learning experience that has been designed to very quickly and easily show you:

1) why decades of HUGE diet and fitness trends failed to produce healthy nations, and are also unlikely to do so in future
2) clever little hacks and habits that are more likely to help your underlying biology keep you well

3) how to supercharge your stress control, sleep quality, waistline and more

4) how to avoid illness

  • The Challenge is based on the Amazon Bestseller book, 'Neuron: Smart Wellness Made Easy' by Julia Jones, PhD

  • Your Challenge during the 8-weeks is to simply:

    • i) learn some new smart wellness facts each week by watching the short videos and reading the relevant pages of the book

    • ii) try embedding the little hacks and habits in your daily routine


How is it delivered?


  • We have partnered with Thinkific to host this Challenge on their superb online learning platform

  • Each week new content is unlocked for you.

How exactly do I benefit?

  • This Challenge shows you how to rapidly implement the basic science-based hacks and habits featured in the book


  • It saves you a lot of time, money and effort. It's your fast-track to wellness.


  • The Challenge is packed with value:

    • You gain a solid understanding of your brain and body biology

    • Dr Julia Jones' 30-years of academic qualifications worth £85,000

    • Key facts from 25 recent New York Times Bestseller wellness books

    • Simple summaries of the latest wellness and longevity insights from over 1,000 scientific papers

    • Dr Julia Jones' 100,000 hours of professional experience in health, wellness and neuroscience

    • An overview of the latest wellness tech devices and wearables

    • A simple habit tracker that can help you easily master wellness

Does it work?


  • Since its launch in April we've seen a superb response from thousands of participants around the world who have taken our 8-week Smart Wellness Challenge

  • You can read some of their testimonials below

  • We've made the complex and fragmented subject of wellness super simple to understand and master


How much is it?

  • The 8-week Smart Wellness Challenge is RRP £247 (approx $337*)

  • There is also a payment plan available if you prefer to pay in monthly instalments

  • For group rates please contact us using the button below and tell us how many log-ins you would require.

(* Exchange rates vary)


87% of the first 250 participants said this 8-week virtual learning experience made them feel more in control of their health

Here are some of the messages we've received so far...

"This programme is a masterpiece. I've learned more about my biology, and about health and wellness, in the past 8-weeks than I have my whole life. Thank you!"

S. Benson

"This is the most participated wellness program we've ever offered our employees. Thank you for your great work."

L. Randone (Reply Group)


"I have learned so much and enjoyed this course tremendously. Doc Rock is such an inspiration. She makes sense of all the baffling science, contradictory claims and urban legends to give us clarity and simple tools. Best of all Julia is playful and engaging. I can't think of a better lived example of how to get the wellness thing right!"

V. Vasani

"What I've enjoyed most, is that whilst some of these hacks are "common sense" the ways in which you've applied them and formulated them into a workable everyday structure has been very beneficial."

B. Painting

"I am so thankful for all the hacks and tricks that Dr. Julia Jones shared with me. I already started applying more and more of them into my daily habits and feel differences. It is such a great and valuable knowledge that I’ve gained that I can’t recommend enough to everyone! It was a pleasure to get to know Dr. Julia Jones, I hope many more people will get to know her and her brilliant knowledge. She is such a sympathetic and energetic and great tutor""

F. Amann

"It’s been a really brilliant and enjoyable course, which I looked forward to every week.  Really practical and helpful .. and learnt a lot of new things that I had not realised or know, so thank you.  Your energy and passion comes thru as you deliver this.. love it"

M. Hua

"Love the simple tips you’ve shared that we can easily incorporate into daily life to help make big change to our wellness. You’ve been really engaging throughout and helping us understand ‘why’ will hopefully help these become long term changes. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us Julia!"

R. Crook

"I enjoyed your positive energy that you emitted on us. Your simple explanations of sometimes complicated contexts will influence many people. I will take away too many hacks to list here. Thanks a lot!"

A. Matthies

"As a music enthusiast, it was wonderful to hear how important music can be, whether it's creating energy while listening or winding down, or making music on an instrument or learning a new instrument - a very nice confirmation that my enjoyment of music is also a very healthy enjoyment. Thank you Julia"

C. Lambrecht

"I loved the course because it gives just the right amount of scientific background in order to understand how our body and mind work, and why we feel in a certain way in certain contexts. It's great to learn how we can feel better in our everyday life. The hacks are very easy but effective, too."

E. Ottavanio

"I love music and I really enjoy your program because now I know that I can use music to help me to be more healthy :) Thank you for sharing the hacks and techs and all your knowledge with us. I am feeling better"

P. Vargus

"I liked a lot the numerous easy and short hints to have big benefits!"

M. Torchio

"I enjoyed your positivity. I really liked how neatly you showed the connection between cause and action in all segments inside  the wheel of wellness. Attaching new habits to old habits struck me the most."

D. Lorencic

"A change from the normal. A lot of tips that are actionable rather than just telling us all to go to the gym"

R. Booth

"I've particularly appreciated the section about "How to hack your breath", but all the course has been very interesting and, let me say, modern :) congrats!"

A. Pretotto

"Thank you for this beautiful course!!"

E. Ottaviano

"The course is able to give a complete overview and many inputs and useful advice to maintain correct behavior, in a positive way" :)

A. Miglietta

"I really appreciated the scientific approach with which you explained all the biohacks"

V. Raimondi

"I love your energy, smart tips and lack of preachiness!  I have had a few 'gurus' over the years, but they often become dogmatic and this programme is exactly the opposite. Insightful. passionate and inspiring!"

V. Vasani

"During this course I had the pleasure of seeing that the doc Julia recommends I have been doing for a few years so I feel on the right path ... also I had the opportunity to refresh my English ... thank you very much for all the new tips"

C. Pividori

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Smart Wellness Challenge



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