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Learn how to shortcut your way to wellness quickly and easily

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The Smart Wellness Challenge

Learn some new Smart wellness tips, hacks and habits each week by watching the videos and absorbing the book chapters

Start making tiny adjustments to your daily routines and adopt the new habits and hacks

New content is unlocked each week throughout the 8-week Smart Wellness Challenge and features:

  • A printable 'Smart Wellness habit tracker' to stick on your fridge

  • 35 bite sized videos explaining simple habits and hacks to try out in your daily routine

  • 8 webinars explaining the basic science behind the habits and hacks that make them so effective

  • ​An e-copy of the 'Neuron: Smart Wellness Made Easy' book

  • The audiobook version of 'Neuron: Smart Wellness Made Easy

  • Support via our online team to answer your questions

Start the Smart Wellness Challenge today


"Love the simple tips you’ve shared that we can easily incorporate into daily life to help make big change to our wellness"

R Crook

"It turns out that the one health supplement we're almost all lacking is knowledge. For decades we've been given the wrong advice so have been sleepwalking into a range of chronic illnesses in later life. This was the fate of our parents' and grandparents' generations. It doesn't have to be our fate.

Now the science clearly shows us what we need to do to avoid illness. It's actually beautifully simple and doesn't require gym workouts, diets or pharmaceutical medications.

Fitness and wellness are different things. It's actually wellness that we all need. In other words, the avoidance of illness.

At Neuron Wellness we're dedicated to broadcasting these important smart wellness facts and hacks to everyone. This will help you more easily look after your brain and body and live a healthier, longer life."

Dr Julia Jones

Founder, Neuron Wellness

Smart Wellness Journey
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 What is The Smart Wellness Challenge?    

  • It's an online learning experience designed to bust long established health myths and very quickly and easily help you understand:

    • why decades of huge diet and fitness trends failed to produce healthy nations, and are also unlikely to do so in future

    • smart hacks and habits that are more likely to help your underlying biology keep you well

    • how to supercharge your stress control, sleep quality, waistline and more

    • how to avoid illness

    • how to use the emerging smart wellness technology, wearables and lab tests to stay healthy

  • The content is based on the Health Trilogy book series by Dr Julia Jones, including the Amazon Bestseller , 'Neuron: Smart Wellness Made Easy

  • During the 8-weeks your commitment is to simply:

    • learn some new smart wellness facts each week by watching the short videos and reading the relevant pages of the book

    • review your existing habits and try embedding the little hacks and habits in your daily lifestyle

How is it delivered?

  • We have partnered with Thinkific to host this Challenge on their superb online learning platform​Each week new content is unlocked for you.

How exactly do I benefit?

  • This Challenge shows you how to rapidly understand and implement the basic science-based hacks and habits featured in the book

  • It saves you a lot of time, money and effort. 

  • The Challenge is packed with value and has condensed a large volume of information into a simple format and delivery:

    • You gain a solid understanding of your brain and body biology

    • Dr Julia Jones' 30-years of academic qualifications and research

    • Key facts from 20+ recent New York Times Bestseller wellness books

    • Simple summaries of the latest wellness and longevity insights from over 100 scientific papers and 1000s of hours of leading academic lectures

    • Dr Julia Jones' 100,000 hours of professional experience in health, wellness and neuroscience

    • An overview of the latest wellness tech devices and wearables

    • A simple habit tracker that can help you easily master your wellness

Does it work?

  • Since its launch in April 2021 thousands of participants around the world have taken our 8-week Smart Wellness Challenge or our shorter Smart Wellness Accelerator version.​ We've received a superb response and have continued to use their feedback to refine our products to make the complex and fragmented subject of wellness even easier to understand and master

How much is it?

  • The 8-week Smart Wellness Challenge is £247 (approx $337*) and the shorter Smart Wellness Accelerator is £97. Group rates are also available for employers and clubs​

(* Exchange rates vary)     

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Knowledge is power

87% of the first 250 participants said this learning experience made them feel more in control of their health