Neuron founder, Dr Julia Jones, explains why the Smart Wellness approach is the fastest, easiest way to achieve good health and avoid illness

Dr Julia Jones joined Phil Williams on his Times Radio show to talk about the art of biohacking and why the fast growing smart wellness and biohacking movement will transform public health. Find out why you should be embracing this approach in your life and/or business.

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We'll show you why decades of diet and fitness focused trends, and their multi-billion pound promotional campaigns, FAILED to produce healthy nations

We'll also show you why and how to use proven smart wellness & simple biohacking techniques
to transform your life and business forever

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You'll learn how to use simple brain hacks and super efficient biohacks such as music, breathing, visualisation, timed daylight exposure, slow motion strength moves, blue light blocker glasses, dimmer switches, and timed eating techniques to supercharge and future-proof your wellness

We'll also reveal the latest cool tech devices and biological tests that can help you keep your in-built ancient evolutionary brain and body circuits on track


You'll learn a lot!

Some example topics that we make easy to understand

What is Biohacking?

Alcohol & Your Brain

Why Your Microbiome is Your Future

Our Hunter-Gatherer Brain

Why Music is a Superpower Brain-Hack

How To Reverse The Ageing Process

Are You Addicted?

The Science of Sleep

How To Live Healthily to 100

Fix & Future-proof Your Waistline

How To Keep Stress Under Control

How to Hack Your Habits

How To Exercise More Efficiently

Achieve More By Doing Less

How To Improve Your Memory

Coffee & Your Brain

How to Help Your Child's Brain

The Science of Happiness

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