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About Dr Julia Jones
aka Dr Rock

Neuron Smart Wellness founder, Dr Julia Jones, gained the nickname "Dr Rock" because of her use of music and sound as a preferred proven biohack and brain tool, to improve the health and performance of her clients. She has spent a lifetime studying and applying neuroscience, cognitive psychology, behavioural science and "biohacks" that use simple science-based techniques and tools (such as music) to optimise in-built biological systems. The Neuron Smart Wellness approach is grounded in this science. She continues to advise elite sports professionals, business leaders, celebrities, and government bodies today. Her full bio is below.


Dr Julia Jones - Full Biography


Julia's was born in Pembrokeshire, Wales, in 1970. Her professional life began as a Sport & Exercise Scientist in the early 1990s. She was first introduced to the techniques now known as 'biohacking' in 1991, while visiting a US Naval Base in California during a student exchange trip with UCLA. She became fascinated by these techniques using sound, music, breathing, and visualisation. Following graduation she began to use them as tools while working with GB Olympic squads, helping athletes better control motivation, confidence, stress, focus, sleep and anxiety through the use of music, breathwork, visualisation and self-hypnosis. She has been using and teaching these biohacking techniques for 30 years.


As a practitioner:

In the 1990s Julia set up one of the UK's first GP Exercise-Referral Programmes connecting doctors' surgeries in South East England with local fitness professionals. She has been coaching private clients for 30 years and continues to do so via zoom, at consulting rooms in Harley Street London, and at her Smart Wellness Lab in Kent.


As an academic:

Julia began lecturing in 1994, helping to develop the successful Sport Sciences department at South Kent College in partnership with Canterbury Christ Church University. She also later created the Music Industry Management degree there. Julia has lectured at several Universities in the UK and overseas including USC in Los Angeles, NYU, University of Westminster and her current  neuroscience guest lectures for INSEAD MBA in Paris. Her MSc research examining the psychophysical  effects of music synchronisation on exercise endurance was presented at the British Association of Sport & Exercise Sciences by Dr Costas Karageorghis, and published in the Journal of Sport Sciences. Julia's was awarded her PhD with an Outright Pass (these are rare).  Her research examined music preferences and the lifelong psychosocial effects of music memory formation from our youth. This led to her work with the NHS, writing a music strategy for the UK's first dementia village in 2019. After completion of her doctorate, Julia's postgraduate neuroscience training continued at King's College London, where she gained a distinction from the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience. As an enthusiastic lifelong learner, her studies continue with recent short courses in the 'Analysis of Classical Music' at Oxford University and in 'Lifestyle Medicine: Nutrition and Metabolic Syndrome' at Harvard Medical School.


As an entrepreneur:

Julia became a self-employed tennis coach, aged 19. Throughout the 1990s she pioneered a new health spa brand for a small family owned hotel business. This expanded into a chain of health clubs across England. The business was ultimately sold for £180M. She gained her MBA and subsequently launched Found in Music Ltd in 2003, helping clients use music and behavioural psychology in customer facing experience. In 2005-2007, she created and launched the legendary 'BritBus Tour', crossing the USA on an annual coast-to-coast summer tour in her classic London double-decker bus, promoting new UK music. Her Found in Music company continues to deliver thousands of hours of customer-facing music experiences for clients including the Mayor of London, Wembley Park, Selfridges, Transport for London, Network Rail and Apple Store. She launched Music Diet Ltd in 2019, to provide a specially designed music-based workplace wellness programme for employee wellbeing that was run for employees of corporate employers including Apple, SAP and Wickes. Julia was engaged as Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Canterbury Christ Church University for two years. As a consultant she writes sound-based wellness and performance strategies for corporate, government and sports clients. Most recently creating the innovative 'Sound & Music Strategy' for the £5bn Brent Cross Town development in London in 2021.

As an author:

Julia has published the first two books in her 'Health Trilogy': This first book in 2019 was 'The Music Diet: A Rock & Roll Guide To A Healthier, Longer Life'. The second, 'Neuron: Smart Wellness Made Easy' was released in April 2021 and entered the Amazon Bestseller list. The 3rd and final book in the Health Trilogy series will be published in 2022, titled 'Autotune: Mastering Your Lifelong Wellness'.


Neuron Smart Wellness is Julia's latest venture and a groundbreaking approach to health. In addition to her neuroscience, psychology and physiology credentials, Julia is also a certified personal trainer, sleep coach, holds multiple sports and performance coaching qualifications, and is a musician and DJ. Her work has been featured frequently by national media and she regularly delivers keynote presentations at conferences around the world including the Neuromarketing World Forum, United Nations World Urban Forum and SXSW.


 She advises a broad range of clients and bodies, including: several C-Suite business leaders; the Education Task Force for the UK All Party Parliamentary Group for Artificial Intelligence; the Mayor of London's Music Board; BBC Music & Dementia steering group; music industry wellbeing committees; elite sports organisations and clubs; sports professionals; celebrities and A-list musicians. Julia is a member of the British Neuroscience Association and the Royal Society for Public Health, and is a Trustee / Non-Exec at The Musical Walkabout (dementia), Sing To Beat Parkinson's (Canterbury Cantata Trust) and the Young Voices Foundation (the largest schools' singing programme in the world, with over 1 million children having participated to date). 

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The Health Trilogy

by Dr Julia Jones

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"Even by the late 1990s it was obvious that diet and exercise wasn't going to produce healthy nations. I was deeply immersed in that field professionally and the science was clearly evident. Those are very unnatural and inefficient approaches that don't really align with our ancient biological past. So, for most people it's almost impossible to stick with these regimes. It becomes a chore and induces feelings of guilt. The diet and fitness focused approach is a great financial business model but clearly not a route to lifelong wellness, otherwise we would have seen the results in public health trends by now. So, I set out to find a more effective and enjoyable way to use the science and produce more natural methods of helping our in-built biological systems produce better health, faster, easier, and forever. These approaches are not new. For our ancient ancestors many of these habits were simply daily life, but they've been lost for decades, drowned out by the mainstream advertising of diet and fitness focused campaigns."