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Bust the health myths fast

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The Smart Wellness Solution

Our unique learning programmes and talks are delivered on-demand, online (or live), and are perfect for anyone who wants to improve their wellness and enjoy a long, happy and healthy life with the minimum effort

You'll learn why five decades of huge diet and fitness trends failed to produce healthy nations and will never succeed


We'll bust the long-established health myths and bring you the latest science based insights showing how to use simple efficient biohacks, and the latest smart wellness tech to stay healthy

Knowledge is power and we  make a complex field fun and easy to understand!

87% of our first 250 participants said we helped them feel more in control of their health

Some example topics we cover:

  • What is smart wellness and biohacking?

  • Alcohol & your brain

  • Why your microbiome is your future

  • Our hunter-gatherer brain

  • Why music is a supremely powerful biohack

  • How to reverse the ageing process

  • Are you addicted?

  • The science of sleep

  • How to live healthily to 100

  • How To keep stress under control

  • How to hack your habits

  • Fix & future-proof your waistline 

  • How to exercise less and be well

  • Achieve more by doing less

  • How to improve your memory

  • Coffee & your brain

  • How to help your child's brain

  • The science of happiness

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Employers and participants around the world are loving our learning content

"This wellness program is a cool combination of science insights, the latest tech and pop culture. That's why it's been so popular with our employees"

"The most popular and well participated wellness program we've ever run"


"Love it. I didn't want it to end. I've learnt so much. Thank you!"