Calm Sea

We'll show you why decades of diet and fitness focused trends, and their multi-billion pound promotional campaigns, FAILED to produce healthy nations

We'll also show you why and how to use proven smart wellness & simple biohacking techniques
to transform your life and business forever

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It's time to get smarter about wellness

Learning experience

Our innovative approach has already been delivered for some of the world's leading employers including Apple, SAP, Wickes, Reply Group, Universal Music Group and more.


This unique 8-week learning experience is delivered online on-demand. The weekly content is trickle-fed to participants.

This was filmed by Dr Julia Jones in February and March 2021, while she was isolating at our Smart Wellness Lab during the third Covid lockdown in England.

Her aim was to bring the science in her new book to life through a series of short 'hack' videos and weekly webinars. This content successfully empowers participants with a lot of basic science knowledge very quickly and easily, leading to the ability to rapidly implement the proven, simple biohacks and smart wellness habits in daily life.



It's time to get smarter about gut health

Gut test and food delivery service

Stop guessing about your health and start using real measurements to stay well and live a healthier, longer life.


We test your gut health and use the results to help you set up a personalised weekly grocery delivery to your home or office. This makes it super easy for you to stay well.

Your mental and physical health are impacted by every molecule of food and drink that enters your mouth. This is because the gut-brain axis creates an influential response.

We recognised the difficulty busy people have eating well, and we removed the barriers. All you have to do is get your gut health score and eat the fruits and vegetables that are delivered to you each week. For an additional fee, the box can be further personalised based on your precise gut health results.

In our recent poll of 250 employees, more than 80% said they do not feel in control of their health

Do you feel in control of yours?

By the end of our 8-week programme 87% felt more in control

Employers and participants around the world are loving our learning programme...


"This wellness program is a cool combination of science insights, the latest tech and pop culture. That's why it's been so popular with our employees" 

"This is the most popular and well participated wellness program we've ever offered"

"Love it! I didn't want it to end. I've learnt SO MUCH!"


"The places on your programme sell out at the speed of Glastonbury tickets!"


We make Smart Wellness & Biohacking

Our 8-week learning experience delivered on-demand or live is suitable for anyone who wants to improve their wellness and enjoy a long, happy and healthy life.  Do you want that? We do!

We'll teach you the mindblowing science in a simple, fascinating way

You'll learn how to use simple brain hacks and super efficient biohacks such as music, breathing, visualisation, timed daylight exposure, slow motion strength moves, blue light blocker glasses, dimmer switches, and timed eating techniques to supercharge and future-proof your wellness

We'll also reveal the latest cool tech devices and biological tests that can help you keep your in-built ancient evolutionary brain and body circuits on track


You'll learn a lot!

Some example topics that we make easy to understand

What is Biohacking?

Alcohol & Your Brain

Why Your Microbiome is Your Future

Our Hunter-Gatherer Brain

Why Music is a Superpower Brain-Hack

How To Reverse The Ageing Process

Are You Addicted?

The Science of Sleep

How To Live Healthily to 100

Fix & Future-proof Your Waistline

How To Keep Stress Under Control

How to Hack Your Habits

How To Exercise More Efficiently

Achieve More By Doing Less

How To Improve Your Memory

Coffee & Your Brain

How to Help Your Child's Brain

The Science of Happiness