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We simplify the
new science breakthroughs
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to boost health
Harness your
evolutionary biology
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money and time
with new habits

We simplify the new
science breakthroughs


No gym or diet 


Master the 3 habits hacks
that boost health


Understand the 
Holidity approach


Harness your
evolutionary biology


Save yourself money and 
time with lifelong habits

Hit the new 30 diversity recommendations

Packed with vitamins and minerals

British farmers growing on organic land*

Spend less time in supermarkets

Boost your gut diversity

Help reduce your risk of illness

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Meet your Coach

Dr. Julia Jones aka Dr Rock

Julia was first shown ‘biohacking’ techniques while visiting a US Navy Base in California in the early 1990s. As a professional sport psychologist and neuroscientist she’s been teaching these principles for 30 years. In these e-courses Julia makes the latest science-based hacks simple to understand and embed into your daily routines.
Meet the Coach
Dr Rock, AKA, Julia Jones at Neuron 2022.