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Smart Wellness Accelerator

Discover how to avoid illness and future-proof your health without the need for a gym workout or diet.


This is the fastest, easiest way to learn several key smart wellness facts and hacks. Binge watch these bite-sized videos presented by Dr Julia Jones. Ideal if you're short of time, or struggle to complete things, and just want to very quickly learn the most important facts, tips and hacks so you can immediately start boosting your health. This content is based on the latest scientific research discoveries and busts outdated myths about health.

£97 / approx $127 dollars*

*exchange rates vary


  • 14 bite-sized videos on-demand

  • Total viewing time of 45-minutes

  • E-copy of the Neuron: Smart Wellness Made Easy book


Smart Wellness Challenge

Take the Challenge today! Our flagship 8-week virtual programme shows you how to review and tweak your seemingly inconsequential tiny daily habits.


Ideal for those who want to learn more about the basic science behind the smart wellness hacks, and for teams who want to experience this wellness journey together. Presented by Dr Julia Jones and based on her Amazon Bestseller book 'Neuron: Smart Wellness Made Easy'

£247 / approx $337 dollars*

*exchange rates vary


  • 35 bite-sized videos on-demand (unlocked weekly across 8-weeks)

  • 8 on-demand webinars (unlocked 1 per week)

  • Printable Daily Habits Tracker fridge poster

  • E-copy of the Neuron: Smart Wellness Made Easy book

  • Audio-version of the Neuron: Smart Wellness Made Easy book

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Smart Gut Accelerator

The very latest science now reveals how critical our gut health is to wellness. Our brain and body simply cannot function properly if the microbes that live in our gut aren't diverse and thriving.


This series of bite-sized videos, presented by Dr Julia Jones, will get you up to speed with the latest findings about the gut microbiome, and give you simple recommendations to help you start fixing and future-proofing your nutritional habits. This content is based on the very latest scientific research findings and also includes guidelines for employers.

£67 / approx $87 dollars*

*exchange rates vary


  • 14 bite-sized videos on-demand 

  • Total viewing time of 19-minutes

  • Printable shopping list of essential items

  • Example recipe format

  • E-copy of the Neuron: Smart Wellness Made Easy book


Smart Gut
Home Test Kit

We've partnered with Neovos Labs to bring you this quick and easy gut performance test that gives a simple score out of 10. A great way to start learning about the current state of your gut function within days. 

£80 inc free delivery

Currently available to UK customers only

Tim, a recently retired 61-year old senior executive, lost weight, boosted his gut health and now has a biological age of 25! 

Timberly Williams

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Smart wellness book series by Neuron Wellness founder, Dr Julia Jones


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Smart Wellness Score

Take our quick online quiz to get an immediate insight into how your daily habits are either boosting your biology or busting it

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Pro Trainer Course

Become a Certified Smart Wellness Coach.


Start helping your clients fix their habits. Ideal for fitness and wellness practitioners and for anyone who wants to help teach these simple smart wellness principles to others.