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aka 'Dr Rock'

Julia is a neuroscientist / psychologist / exercise physiologist. She's at the forefront of the fast growing Smart Wellness movement and has been biohacking for over 25 years, although it only gained this trendy term in recent years.


She advises elite sports professionals, business leaders and the NHS, showing them how to use science based Smart Wellness principles and biohacks to transform their wellness and achieve high performance. Her most used biohack of choice is music/sound, due to its proven fast-acting and versatile ability to moderate brain chemicals, entrain brain waves and boost neural plasticity.


Her PhD, MSc and MBA research examined the effects of music on the brain and behaviour. Hence, she gained the nickname 'Dr Rock'.


The first two books in her 'health trilogy' ('The Music Diet' & 'Neuron: Smart Wellness Made Easy') show how to use biohacking principles and tech to live a long, healthy, happy life. Julia is trusted by business leaders for her pioneering approach to wellness. As a respected expert her work has been regularly featured by national media.

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Dr Julia Jones features:


35 short videos


8 x weekly live webinars streamed from our

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Neuron: Smart Wellness Made Easy

Week 2 sample video

How to create a protective bubble to enhance purchasing decisions when you enter a supermarket

Week 5 sample video

How to use your ancient in-built biology to train your relaxation response using forward motion in nature

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Our unique Smart Wellness course will show you why decades of diet and fitness promotions didn't produce healthy nations

You'll learn how to harness simple science and basic biohacks (shortcuts) to find the most efficient route to success


You'll be able to supercharge your health with max efficiency and minimum time

Module 1



We present the science of nutrition in fast simple form. This knowledge will transform your approach regarding what you consume (and when) to fuel your brain and body. You'll learn how to use tricks to future-proof your waistline, fix addictions and how to harness the latest science to test your microbiome and fuel your brain and body.

Module 2



Do you know that most people aren't breathing correctly? We'll show you the latest scientific insights about breathwork. You'll learn how our nervous system is regulated by our breathing, the importance of your nose, and how to exert your special human power to influence this process to immediately control stress, focus & more.

Module 3


We'll show you how to embed the latest neuroscience in order to rewire your brain and gain super control over your neural circuits. You'll learn how to learn faster, boost memory, increase your ability to focus and burn through workload. You'll learn how to manage emotions and stress and achieve desired mindsets and brain states.

Module 4



We'll show you why our muscles are far more important than previously thought. You'll learn how to use fast techniques to rapidly deplete your energy stores and trigger your ancient survival response. This quickly boosts your metabolic efficiency, immune system and more. We'll show you how to use the latest artificial intelligence and tech to supercharge your physical wellness in just minutes per week. You'll learn how to achieve the benefits of a full workout in just minutes.

Module 5



The most important part of your day is at night. We'll show you the latest science and technology to ensure that your brain is properly functioning during your time in bed. You'll learn why tools that leverage your evolutionary neural responses, such as a weighted blanket and an earthing bedsheet, can supercharge your memory and wellness while you sleep. We'll show you how to ensure this vital daily activity is high quality. This is the key to high performance.

Module 6



Forming good habits is the key to achieving superhuman levels of wellness. We'll show you how to hack your ancient brain circuits to embed simple routines into your life that can transform your wellness and performance. You'll learn how to use the science from previous modules to perfect a daily schedule of habits that you'll do automatically forever. You'll learn how to use the latest science and technology to take your results and achievements to an even greater level.

Course Outcomes

  • You'll have learnt the basic operations and functions of your brain

  • You'll know how to protect your brain cells and build new, strong connections

  • You'll understand how to use simple tricks and biohacks to improve your eating, breathing, thinking, moving and sleeping

  • You'll know how to use techniques like habit stacking to build a healthier lifestyle

  • You'll understand how and why all of the above can help you live a long, healthy, happy life full of wellness and with a greatly reduced risk of future illness and dementia


and start your smarter, healthier journey through life

This course will transform your approach to health forever

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Our Smart Wellness content and delivery are designed to rapidly inform you regarding the fastest, easiest, proven routes to good health based on the latest science. They are designed to (i) help you understand your natural biological systems and (ii) inform you of example habits, biohacks and tech devices that can help those biological systems work optimally to keep you well. Our courses are not medical recommendations. If you have any doubts regarding whether you should, or should not, try any of the example practices and techniques featured in these courses, you must always first consult with your personal medical doctor. 


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