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Neuroscientist and sport & exercise scientist, Neuron Wellness founder, Dr Julia Jones has been examining and applying these concepts for 30 years

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Smart Wellness Challenge

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The Smart Wellness Challenge teaches you the basic science underpinning the smart wellness approach. Across a series of videos, Dr Julia Jones shows you exactly how to rapidly implement the science based hacks featured in her book.

Over 8-weeks you'll learn everything you need to know to reduce your risk of illness and help you stay well. Wellness and fitness are not the same thing. This is now crystal clear. The smart wellness approach is proven to easily and naturally keep your body and brain on track.



'Neuron' explores the science in an easy-read and explains why 5 decades of diet and fitness trends failed to produce healthy nations

It also documents the 12-month experiment neuroscientist & exercise scientist, Dr Julia Jones, ran on her brain and body

She cancelled her gym membership and exercise class subscriptions and used purely Smart Wellness hacks and habits

All her wellness scores supercharged as a result



Julia joined TV Host, Steph McGovern, on her Channel 4 lunchtime show to explain how she got the nickname "Dr Rock" and why the Smart Wellness approach is the fastest, easiest, cheapest way to achieve good health and avoid illness

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Julia joined Phil Williams on his Times Radio show to talk about the art of biohacking and why the fast growing smart wellness and biohacking movement will transform public health. Find out why you should be embracing this approach in your life and business.

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Investing in wellness is the smartest use of your time and  money

Make time for your wellness now 
or you may be forced to make time for your illness later

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We're committed to delivering the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goal 3, ensuring healthy lives and promoting wellbeing for all at all ages. Our work aims to ensure that everyone has access to the latest scientific insights regarding the most efficient and cost effective routes to lifelong good health. We will help people embed brain-first approaches that are more likely to yield improved health habits.