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It's time to give your habits an overhaul

We teach you how to extend your healthy lifespan using the latest longevity science

No gym or diet required

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We invite you to

Age slower

The world is fast waking up to the highly effective smart wellness approach

We'd love to help you introduce it into your life and business

We'll show you why five decades of huge diet and fitness trends


to produce healthy nations


 The actual route to wellness is a lot easier than you've been led to believe.


The longevity science now clearly shows it significantly involves your tiny (seemingly inconsequential) daily habits and your gut bacteria

We've created a unique Smart Wellness Plan that can easily and quickly help you update your wellness knowledge, tweak your habits and reduce your risk of illness

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for you...

We'll show you how to easily understand and use the latest science and technology to live healthier for longer, with less effort

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for employers...

Do you know enough about smart wellness and gut health? We'll help you give your employees the latest insights and tools, not outdated ones

Neuron founder, Dr Julia Jones joined TV Host, Steph McGovern, on her Channel 4 lunchtime show to explain how she got the nickname "Dr Rock" and why the smart wellness approach is the fastest, easiest, cheapest way to achieve good health and avoid illness

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Fitness and wellness are not the same thing
Wellness is the absence of illness
Wellness is what we all need
Investing in wellness is the smartest use of your time and  money

Act smart...make time for your wellness now 
or you may be forced to make time for your illness later